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Education Outreach:
The Water Cycle

When: April 1, 2015, 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Where: Group Camp 1

Students from the 4th-6th grade will be learning about  the water cycle and other fun facts about water from over 10 stations from different universities and organizations.

1. University of Memphis - Water on Wheels (WOW)

The WOW is a teaching tool that allows schools to increase student knowledge about the water cycle and its impact on daily life.  Inside the WOW, educational displays are colorful, interactive and designed to appeal to students in grades 4 and higher.  Because the source of drinking water for the Mid South is groundwater, one important display in the WOW spotlights the Memphis aquifer system, a vast underground reservoir with some of the cleanest water on Earth.   Water related lesson plans are available for grades 4 through 6 that follow Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.  Lesson plans can be downloaded for free at www.memphis.edu/wateronwheels.

2. UoM - Aquifer Model (Unconsolidated sediments)

Learn how groundwater and surface water interact as well as human influences on groundwater through pumping and contamination.

3. Tennessee Technology University - Floodplain Modeling

Learn about storm water and how scientists model flood risks in communities across the state.  Experience the difference between runoff in cities versus rural areas.

4. TTU - Water Quality

Discover the importance of water quality and your role in the protection of water resources.  Actively test water with testing kits and learn what it means.  For more information about water quality and testing, please visit www.worldwatermonitoringday.org/Resources.aspx

5. UTK - Discover the Wonder of Wetlands

Learn about how wetlands are the kidneys of the earth, purifying our water and being a home to many different plants and animals.  Students will see how topography, soils, and plants make wetlands some of the most ecologically-diverse places on earth. 

6. TDEC - Cave Model

Students will see how water interacting with various rocks and minerals found in Tennessee form caves, springs, and other karst features.

7. USGS - Groundwater Model

Groundwater model - The USGS will use a scaled groundwater model of two different geologic settings to teach students how water moves the two dominant types of aquifers in Tennessee.  Student will learn the how land use in a watershed is connected to groundwater quality as well as the different geologic processes that form these aquifers.

8. TDEC/UTK - GIS and You

Learn how technology is taking maps to a whole new level.  Students will experience how geographic information systems are used to create not only maps, but representations of all kinds of spatial data.

9. TVA - World Monitoring Kits

Learn how to test water in your backyard.  Teachers will receive kits to take back to the classroom and test water in your community.

10.Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.- Stream Invertebrates (Deedee Kathman, Ph.D.)

Students will be introduced to the critters that live in and on the substrate in streams, lakes, and wetlands.  Discussions will include how and why we collect benthic invertebrates, what they look like (posters and preserved specimens), and why they are important.

11. Water Authority of Dickson County

12. UTK - Erosion


Each station will give 15-minute demonstrations.

Please contact Scott Schoefernacker  for more information: 
(901) 678-4315 or sschfrnc@memphis.edu.



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